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Why are e-bikes gaining popularity?

E-bikes are something similar to a motorcycle and a bicycle. They have an increased speed capacity due to the electric motor that makes it possible to reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour, to overcome difficult mountain climbs. Pedal usage during riding on the e-bike is not required. There is a throttle for control. People are able to ride like a simple bicycle, while the electric motor will help the efforts of the cyclist.

They have proven themselves well on descents, sharp accelerations, and ski jumping. You can also go up the mountain with little effort.

High-quality expensive e-bikes are equipped with special computers. For a professional athlete, such a device is simply necessary. On the computer screen, the parameters of the state of the human body and the characteristics of the movement of the bike are displayed. Let’s learn the special features of a new electric bike from Spain.

What is unusual about the new Spanish e-bike?

In Spain, Rayvolt has launched a fundraiser to begin commercial production of the X One electric bike, which is furnished with a smartphone and facial recognition. The planned retail price in Spain will be about $4,000.
X One made in Spain received a convex frame, which hides the wiring and battery. A smartphone with face recognition is integrated into the aluminum central frame near the steering wheel. The screen of the gadget also displays information about the level of charge and the speed of the bike.

The frame has a built-in LED headlight and taillight, which are switched on by a light sensor signal. Two more LEDs are built into the steering wheel, which are used to signal when turning. To activate it is enough to turn your head.
The electric bike is equipped with a braking system with regenerative features, voice control and an assistance system. A gyroscopic sensor is used to automatically activate the e-generator. The bike also has hydraulic brakes and a multi-speed transmission.

Which specifications does Rayvolt X One have?

Thanks to the carbon elements, a new bike weighs only 22 kg. When buying in Spain, you can choose different types of batteries yourself: from Samsung to Panasonic. To charge an electric bike, you will have to spend from 2.5 to 4 hours, after which you can drive 50 or 75 km. Two engine options can be built into the rear wheel – 250 W or 750 W. With the first, the maximum speed will be 25 km / h, with the second – 45 km / h. Its battery is also innovative. The battery is an important element of an electric bike.

Now the developers from Rayvolt are running a crowdfunding campaign for the project. In case of development support, an electric bike in Spain can be bought for $2,000.