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Is Barcelona good for cycling?

Barcelona is very convenient for cycling: there are cycling paths almost throughout the city, it rarely rains, there is no snow, the city hall supports the development of this type of transport as a public one. But there are some places that you can’t go to on a regular bike. Here e-bike is a solution!

There are many places in the city with e-bike rental. For example, on Barceloneta, right next to the metro, there is a rental point for Rent Electric (Carrer del Doctor Aiguader, 9). Or a good rental Just Bike (Gran via de les Corts Catalanes, 426). The cost of renting an e-bike or an electric scooter is from 10 euros per hour. Where to go on an e-bike?

E-bike trip to Montjuic

You won’t be able to ride an ordinary bike on the famous Barcelona mountain, but rather you will have to carry it on yourself, because often the road has a slope of almost 45 degrees. But on e-bike, it takes almost no effort to overcome these climbs. Start from the side of the monument to Christopher Columbus, find a street called Passeig de Montjuïc, and then the road itself will lead you to the top through numerous viewing platforms and parks. If you have time, you can stop everywhere, but the most remarkable of them are the gardens of Jacinto Verdaguer with picturesque artificial lakes and fountains, the gardens named after Petra Kelly, conceived as an open-air botanical museum and the famous cactus park. All of them are equipped with paths that can be easily climbed on an e-bike.

At a certain point, the path will lead you to the fortress of Montjuic. You can go inside if you are inspired to look at the place where people were tortured and shot during the time of the dictator Franco.

Bike tour to Park Güell

To climb to this wonderful place on foot, you need to have good physical fitness, because sooner or later the escalators leading there from the city will end and you will have to climb a steep hill, first up the stairs, and then along the path for about 20 minutes at a slope of more than 45 degrees. Fortunately, there is also a path for e-bikes there.

In Barcelona, ​​it is allowed to ride a bicycle in public parks. You can see the entrance pavilions, inspired by the fairy tale about Hansel and Grettel, the salamander fountain and the balcony with benches. And then go by e-bike around the park, originally conceived by Gaudí as a residential complex for the elite in an ecologically clean area. The architect deliberately preserved the natural relief, which is partly due to his conviction that the greatest creator, God, has already created a beautiful world that one can only try to repeat, but not improve.