Why E-bikes Tramuntana?

REnt a quality e-btt

All our bikes are from the German brand Haibike. The powerful Yamaha engine will help you get farther.


We offer a unique sporting experience for both beginners and experts.


The various gears of the e-bike allow the entire team to reach the goal.


Choose between different levels of difficulty on self-guided routes with GPS.

Enjoy beautiful and little-exploited landscapes

Discover the dense forests with its numerous crystalline fountains, amazing views and its solitude.


Guided tours will take you to cultural points of interest in the area.


By facilitating the ascent you will be able to enjoy more downhill rides.

BE attended in your OWN language

We speak Catalan, English, German, and Spanish.





Please consult prices


1 What does the rental price include?
The rental price includes the bike with the battery charged at 100%, a map and a padlock. We also provide a small toolkit, although all E-btts carry anti-puncture fluid and are in perfect condition.

2 What do I need to bring?
For safety it is obligatory to wear a helmet. If you have one, remember to bring it. If not, we can give you one. Think about bringing your documentation, your credit card, a small backpack, water, sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, footwear, proper clothing, and bathing suit if you like. 

3 Can I use my own mobile as a GPS?
Yes of course. Each e-BTT has a mobile device holder for this purpose. We recommend you to download the app “Wikilocs” where you will find our routes, and you will be ready for the adventure.

4 Which GPS do you rent?
f you prefer to rent a GPS, you will be able to enjoy a TwoNav so that you always stay on the right track. It is easy to handle, has good coverage and we configure your chosen route before you leave. You don’t have to worry about anything.

5 What sizes bicycles are available?
The e-bikes are sizes 15, 17 and 19 with multiple variations and adjustments on handlebars and the saddle, which allows adaptation for a rider height of between 1 meter 60 and 1.90. The maximum weight permitted is 100kg. Depending on the height and weight of the rider, the performance of the electric mountain bike may vary.

6 From what age can you rent?
From the age of 14, with a minimum height of 1, 60m. Your father, mother or legal guardian is responsible for you so that you can rent, always accompanied by them.

7 How do I book?
Calling at + 34 649 545 244 or writing an email to with the desired date, the number of people (ideally indicating your age, weight and height) and the bikes you prefer. We will confirm the availability, the price and our bank details as soon as possible. Once you have made the transfer the reservation is formalized and we will send you a confirmation by e-mail.

8 Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, the E-mountain bike deposit is €300. Your credit card is charged with this amount just before setting off on your adventure. Once you have finished your route and returned the e-bike in perfect condition it is cancelled.

9 How can I make the payment?
To make a reservation in advance it is essential to pay the full amount by bank transfer. On the spot rentals for the same day can be paid in cash or with credit card. Please remember that you will need a credit card for the €300 deposit charge.

10 What are the departure times?
Departure times may vary depending on the season and the heat. The usual departure times are between 9h and 1oh and around 15h.

11 Can you deliver e-bikes to me?
Yes of course. We can bring the e-bikes to you wherever you’re staying. The cost of transfer is calculated according to your location. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a personal package.

12 Is it possible to make tailor-made, possibly guided tours, gastronomic routes or “packs” for the whole weekend?
Of course, in E-bikes Tramuntana we are very flexible. In order to offer you solutions to your projects we have a network of local collaborators.


Conditions of cancellation
If you cancel your reservation up to a week before the ride date we can return the full amount paid. If there are less than seven days, 50% of the amount paid is returned. Cancelling the same day of booking or if you don’t show up there is no possibility of reimbursement.

Battery life
The e-bike is like a normal mountain bike, but with a motor. So if you run out of battery during the trip you can always keep pedaling. The routes are designed in a way that you can do them perfectly with the engine support. However, the battery autonomy varies depending on the rider’s weight and the use of the battery. To prevent you from running out of battery it is important that you check the percentage of energy that is left and avoiding riding all the time with the maximum level of motor support. If you’re accompanying teenagers, think about occasionally controlling their battery levels as well.

Break-downs and damages
The bicycles are new and are delivered in perfect condition. It will be the user’s responsibility to take good care and use them responsibly. Any damage and breakdowns attributable to an improper or inappropriate use of them will be the user’s responsibility. In this case the deposit is not returned until an external technician has checked the bicycle in question and elaborated a budget of repairing the damages. If it exceeds the €300 deposit the user will have to pay the rest.

If the rented bike gets stolen during the trip, the user will have to pay its value to E-bikes Tramuntana.

Trips are postponed only with extreme weather factors: winds higher than 80km/h, or torrential rains, or temperatures below 0 degrees freezing.

E-Bikes Tramuntana protects its customers with an insurance specifically designed for bike rental activity. The insurance covers civil liability and road assistance. You can see the details

Accidents and road assistance
In case of an accident, please call 112. The Segurabici road assistance support phone number is + 34 902 100 349. This number is operational 24 hours a 365 days a year. Try to have at hand the exact GPS position in coordinates of a place where a motor vehicle can arrive. Please inform us as soon as possible of any incident. 

Long term rental
In case of long term rental, we provide the key of the battery and its charger. Check the conditions with us. We’ll probably find a solution you’re going to love.